Let us read Lang Lang, quietly think

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Let us read Lang Lang, quietly think

Postby ylq » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:04 am

Let us read Lang Lang, quietly think, to appreciate the spring flowers and autumn months of the millennium, summer rain and winter snow, to appreciate the mountains and rivers of the ancient land, customs and customs...ntly squat, fine goods, to feel the leisure and wild taste of the country's cloth, to understand the high-spirited interest of cultural talents, to express the feelings of the country Marlboro Cigarettes...t us read silently, keep a firm record, and enjoy the joy of "Wen Si Quan Chung", "Miao Bi Sheng Hua" Cigarette Online, and practice the truth of "reading a thousand volumes, writing a pen like a god".
erson's life is always inseparable from its "one book". Since you don't want to study, why should you go to school? Going to school is equivalent to reading!he book become our inseparable friend and become our health instructor! Reading is just like a sage dialogue. Let us go into the mystery of literature, and appreciate the sour and bitterness of the world!Because of the flower, the world became fragrant; because of the tree, the summer became shady; because of civilization, the campus became more beautiful.ne morning, I came to school as usual. I saw a mother riding a bicycle, carrying a young daughter behind her. The child accidentally dropped the bread in her hand on the floor. The mother immediately braked and whispered to her daughter: "Come, let's pick up the bread and throw it into the trash." Then he took the child down and the two bent down and smashed into pieces of broken bread. Looking at this ordinary scene, I can't help but think of a sentence: Civilization is an indispensable behavior in our lives. Think about it, aren't you? Whether it is this mother or the future quality of this child, there is already an answer in this detail.In reality, there are still many uncivilized behaviors of students who are exposed because they don��t pay attention to it and don��t care. I sincerely hope that in the process of building a civilized and harmonious campus Marlboro Lights, everyone can overcome problems, develop good habits, not allow "small evil" Wholesale Cigarettes, refuse "small good", let uncivilized pictures, uncivilized words Marlboro Red 100S, come from our eyes. disappear.Civilization is the cultivation of good habits, the improvement of cultivation, the improvement of morality; the civilization is to say goodbye to yesterday's ignorance and vulgarity, and it is conscious control. If there is no civilization, then even if we have a deep cultural knowledge, what is the use of people for society? Whenever and wherever we learn to use civilized and civilized things, we can be a good student of civilization and a good person.lassmates, let us join hands in the whole school, let the flower of civility and etiquette fill every corner of the campus, and make unremitting efforts to build Xingning II into a first-class civilized school! f

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